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Do you want stress-free delivery of your vehicles? Profexo Shipping is a reliable and fast auto transportation company in Michigan, USA. We offer handy solutions for your auto shipment needs. Shipping vehicles is an exhausting venture because it requires detailed planning. Our experts can do this for your peace of mind and the security of expensive vehicles. Impressive customer service, honesty, and transparency are the main pillars for Profexo Shipping. Our customers are valuable to us; therefore, we try to offer the best services. We offer specialized transportation services with honesty.

What do we offer?

  • Fully insured car transportation
  • Enclosed and open carriers
  • Door-to-door service
  • Terminal to terminal service
  • Dealership transport
  • Auction Transport
  • Expedited and standard pickup times

Shipping a vehicle may be an overwhelming experience; therefore, you will need experts for the security of your valuable car. Profexo Shipping has experts to minimize this stress by being informative and transparent during this process.

Why should you choose profexo shipping services?

We are a top-rated car shipping company, so your vehicle will move from one point to another without any inconvenience. Delivering your car directly to your doorstep permits experts to handle the entire process without speed bumps.

Ship your vehicle in 3 easy steps


road transport shipment

Enclosed Trailer

We provide excellent transportation service across the country with owned and hired vehicles as per requirement


car shipping company

Road Transport

We provide excellent transportation service across the country with owned and hired vehicles as per requirement


auto transport company

Open Trailer

We provide excellent transportation service across the country with owned and hired vehicles as per requirement

Why Choose Profexo Car Shipping Company & Auto Transportation Services 

Michigan Car Shipping Company works through every step of your vehicle’s movement. Our experts make your vehicle transport a painless and easy shipment process. After choosing Profexo Shipping, you will experience hassle-free shipping.

Dedicated Professionals for Security of Car

Our experienced auto transport advisors are passionate about ensuring your vehicle’s safe delivery. They monitor your auto shipping process around the clock. We are widely considered the best car hauling and moving companies in this business. You can choose us with confidence because your vehicle is in safe hands.

No Upfront Payment

You should not worry about upfront payment when using our Michigan Car Shipping Services. We offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. Both options are beneficial; therefore, you can choose one according to your situation. Specific circumstances require you to choose a suitable option.

If you want to save money, terminal-to-terminal will be a good option. Moreover, door-to-door is an excellent choice to save time. Before selecting any solution, please take a closer look at its attributes.

Insurance Coverage for Peace of Mind

Our car shipping services are fully insured, including this coverage in our shipping quote. Our carrier network has special auto haulers to meet our insurance standards. As a responsible car shipper, we hire trusted industry members for your vehicle.


Shipping To & From Anywhere


Door to Door Service

Fully Insured

Terminal to Terminal Service

Open and Enclosed Carriers

Auction Transport Services

Dealership Transport Services

Standard and Expedited Pick up Times

Easy Steps for Car Logistics

We work 365 days each year for extended hours to answer your queries about Michigan Auto Transport. Contact us and learn more about our exclusive services. Three Easy Steps to Transport Your Vehicle

Step 1: Quote and Reservation

In the first step, you have to fill out a form with the shipping details of your vehicle and get an auto transport custom quote. After some time, you will get your quote by email and text message. Feel free to book online using a link you receive in an email. Moreover, you can contact our stand-by experienced transport specialists.

Step 2: Pickup

We will notify you after assigning a suitable trucker to your automobile and give information about pickup arrangements. Feel free to contact us without any hesitation.

Step 3: Payment and Delivery

You can inspect your vehicle after delivery and pay the remaining amount to the driver. Finally, we would contact you to confirm if everything went perfectly.

Cost of Auto Shipping Michigan 

Do you want to know the transport cost? It is not easy to answer this question because there is no fixed price for auto shipping. Some factors can impact your final pricing, such as:

Weight and Size: Our trailers have a weight limit to carry cars. A heavy car can increase shipping charges. In fact, size and weight have a high impact on shipping prices.

Time of Year: During summer, demand can be highest; therefore, prices will be high for Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Distance Traveled: Fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs may increase the charges of Car transporters near Michigan. If you have to move your car to a faraway place, you have to pay more prices for shipping services.

Model and Make: Classic and luxury cars need additional protection, which costs more money to move.

Length of Vehicle: Along with the model and make, the vehicle’s length is another factor to impact the price. For instance, a sedan is almost 189 inches long, and a vehicle within this length is desirable to ship.

Method for Transportation: It is another factor that impacts pricing because an enclosed and an open-air carrier have different pricing.


Get Every Answers

transport image

1. Can I ship my vehicle if it is not working?

Yes, most trucking companies provide their drivers with a winch, but in this case the vehicle must be started, steered and braked in order to load and exit the trailer. If your vehicle does not have any of the above features, you will need a forklift. You can arrange it yourself or have it secured for an additional fee.

transport image

2. How much in advance should I book transport?

Usually, all carriers schedule pick up a week before departure. We recommend that you inform us 3-5 days before shipping so that we can find a reasonable carrier for you.

transport image

3. Can I put personal items in the car?

We don't recommend putting your personal belongings in the vehicle, but you can pack up to 100 pounds. Your belongings in the trunk or inside the vehicle, but make sure they are below window level and properly secured.

transport image

4. Do I have to be present at the pick-up and delivery location?

If you have someone to provide the keys to the driver, you do not need to be present at the pick-up. You also don't need to be present at the delivery location if you figure out how to pay the carrier. We recommend that you be present at both locations to inspect the vehicle.


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Every industry has its own logistics needs, which is why profexo constantly innovate to deliver the specific expertise required with a high added value that are a perfect fit with today’s logistics requirements in a range of different sectors.

Profexo Shipping is a fast and reliable transportation company for Car Transport in Michigan. We offer shipping services for any vehicle, such as exotic cars, motorcycles, inoperable vehicles, boats, SUVs, etc. Give us a call or speak to our online agent.


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profexoshipping service is some of the best we have ever had with ocean forwarders we like to ship as much as possible with you


Miranda H. Halim

Founder, Volport Co

Excellent service. Willam is the one who helped me. In time for pickup and delivery


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Founder, Volport Co

Service is some of the best we have ever had with profexoshippment we like to ship as much as possible


Sarowar Jahan

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